United States Inline Hockey Association

Executive Summary

The United States Inline Hockey Association, the USIHA, has committed itself to expanding the consumer base of the Inline Hockey industry. The founders of the USIHA see the game of inline hockey as a viable recreational choice in every community. Youth sports in our country play an essential role in the shaping of a young person’s attitude, imagination, and self-esteem. Kids of all ages are naturally attracted to and develop quicker in those activities that provide them with a stress free play environment. The USIHA promotes our proven philosophy of “play” in our grassroots expansion program, producing a healthy recreational product that is attractive to the consumer. A USIHA Inline Hockey program then becomes an asset not only to the community but also to an entire industry. Any asset, with adequate investment, will then produce measurable returns.

High Country Hockey Grassroots

The USIHA is providing new opportunities for more kids to become involved in our game. From its birth some twenty years ago many have prospered from sport of Inline Hockey without a clear and independent vehicle to reinvest in the game’s expansion. Today that vehicle is the USIHA. Through our groundbreaking grassroots program we are enticing first time players, building new arenas, upgrading existing facilities, and offering innovate services and benefits to the game and its players. All of which stimulates demand, manufacturing, and consumer spending. For manufactures of products and services to Inline Hockey, the USIHA’s endorsement of those goods will produce immediate and long-term profits to the investor.